Salt Water is Better

Why You Should Choose Salt Water Chlorination For Your Pool

Salt water chlorination is becoming very popular in Canada, especially with new pool builds.

The advantages of this system are many with the greatest being considerably lower long term pool maintenance costs and a much nicer swim than typical chlorine pools which tend to be harsh on eyes and skin. The salt content is very low (around 4000 ppm compared to the ocean which is around 36,000 ppm) and due to the addition of Epsom salts during the conversion process there is a noticeable difference in the swim quality.

We have been told by clients that once you swim in a salt water pool you would never go back to chlorine. They compared it to once having lived in a heated house in the winter you would never go back to an unheated one. We agree.

salt water chlorination niagara pools

In a Nutshell

Salt water pools are simply a pool system that uses “Salt in the pool water” to generate your own pool chlorine.  Rather than adding commercially bought chlorine to the pool manually with liquid or chlorinator tablets, a chlorine generator manufacturers your pool chlorine from salt and water.

Already Have a Pool?

The conversion to salt water takes only a few hours and the upfront cost can be paid back within 3 years on the average sized swimming pool due to the system producing its own chlorine and keeping the water chemistry in balance very efficiently without having to add extra chemicals throughout the year. There is no need to change the pool plumbing or parts, simply adding a chlorine generator in line using the existing is all that’s required.


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